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Registered with Kashmir Council as charity, No. W-7/4/2010-AJKC.

A4S.Aid Village Women Welfare Organization

“A” represents Ashraf (founder) and 4s the name of the other family members. A4S family is supporting women in rural areas on long term basis with special focus on those living in remote mountainous areas: widows, needy families, blinds, handicapped and/or students.

We are a non-profit and non-political NGO providing assistance to needy people without any discrimination of caste, creed and religion. . Its motto is to “bring smiles” by empowering the disadvantaged women and their dependents in their struggle against poverty. In the last 20 years, the NGO has enabled the underprivileged to brave challenges of daily life, with dignity and hope, in treacherous and remote mountains around Bhimber, Kotli and Samahni of Kashmir, Pakistan.

We invite you to support our most noble cause. It could be in a form of advice, professional help or in kind. For example, doctors, engineers, teachers, plumber and or electricians can share their expertise. It could be in a form of tele-medicine, use of alternate energy or use of information technology for business and distant education.

Your involvement, suggestions and or comments are welcome.

Our Belief:

In our struggle to eradicate poverty in a remote part of the world, A4S. It is our belief that dignity and happiness are the natural rights of all human beings. Therefore, come join us in our humble pursuit of spreading smiles on faces of disadvantaged and deprived fellow beings.

“Find no hesitation in their hearts in helping others but rather give them preference over themselves, even though poverty is their own lot” (Ayat Suraa).

Thank you and salaams (Peace)

Contact A4S Family.

+45 40292213

+966 553947899

Email: info@A4SAid.org

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